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April 21, 2003
Free PS2 Expert Guide (08:59) d0gmA
The folks over at Expert Guides are offering a Free PS2 Expert Guide for 3D Gaming World readers. This is a $9.95 value and is full of great PS2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Cheats and more. Enjoy and thanks to the fine folks at Expert Guides.

October 02, 2001
Pool of Radiance Warning (09:54) d0gmA
I felt obligated to post a note about my experience with Pool of Radiance. Being a huge Forgotten Realms and R. A. Salvator fan I thought that Pool of Radiance woould be the bomb so I picked it up for my son. During the install it got to about 90% before it realized that it didn't have enough disk space so it uninstalled itself and promptly asked him to reboot his machine. After the reboot his PC was basically renedered useless and required a full install of windows so beware the rumors are true. Pool of Radiance's Installer is POS and I really can't tell you how the game is becuase I haven't gotten that far. Here is a really sad note where UBI blames it on Norton or other utilities which makes them basically just LAME. Lame Excuses from UBI

September 14, 2001
America Needs Your Help (08:42) d0gmA
With the great tragedy that has struck this great nation our hearts and prayers go out to all who have lost love ones and sacrificed their time and lives to lend a helping hand. You will noticed that we have dropped all banner ads to run the Red Cross banner so that people may find it in their heart to find out how they can help. You can also find several ways to help at Helping.org. Now is the time to hug your neighbor and be a world united to helping each other.

August 31, 2001
Spider Man Gold (06:09) d0gmA
Gone Gold is reporting that that PC port of Spider Man has gone gold and should be on store shelves soon.

August 29, 2001
SOF Platinum Downloads (00:51) d0gmA
Owners of Soldier of Fortune and Soldier of FOrtune Gold can now download the first part of the Soldier of Fortune Platinum update for Free according to this plan update by Ken Hoekstra:
Tuesday, August 28th, 2001 - Soldier of Fortune Platinum should be making its way to retail outlets today. As with Gold, we're releasing everything that's a part of Platinum free to those who bought a previous version of Soldier of Fortune. The first part of that can be found here:
- Soldier of Fortune Platinum Map Pack (3.5MB)
- Official Soldier of Fortune 1.07 Patch (2MB)

The map pack contains five MP maps...four by Kevin Pochron, now of Raven and one map that I did back when I was a designer for Soldier. Kevin touched it up for me and added all of the startspots and weapons, etc. So, for all intents and purposes, you can heap your praise on Kevin for the new maps. ;) There are instructions for installing the map pack in the readme.

The 1.07 patch is essentially the same as Rick's 1.07f beta patch, minus all documentation references to the word "beta." If you have the beta patch, there's no need to update to this one as functionally they are identical. If you have 1.06 or earlier, the upgrade is recommended. As I noted in a prior .plan udate, the 1.06 Gold Patch is needed before applying this one. Confusing, I know...

Feel free to download and mirror the patch and map pack freely. If you have the earlier 1.07 patch, which was flawed or the 1.07f beta patch on your servers, please take them down and replace them with this official version.

I'll keep you posted on the Soldier 2 trailer and the strategy guide and let you know when they will be available.

August 09, 2001
QuakeCon 2001 Kicks Off (06:24) Eratic
Today Quakecon 20001 in Mesquite, Texas has begun. The $50,000 NVIDIA? Championship Quake III Arena 512 player tournament.

SoF II Diary (06:04) Eratic
The latest Soldier of Fortune 2 diary at Gamespy hosts Raven's Zachary Quarles talking about the sounds he's working on, from guns to voice-overs, including a tutorial on real-life gun sounds.

Wolfenstein Update (05:47) Eratic
Bluesnews posted a brief update from Activision's Caryn Law on the development progress of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Heres a snip:
The developers have now reached the testing and polish stage as the game's features are complete. While Gray Matter focuses on polishing the game balance, working on the cinematics and storytelling, and finalizing technical issues like video card compatibility, Nerve Software continues to wrap up the multiplayer portion of the game. The teams have also begun extensive testing.

Medal of Honor Movie #4 (05:47) Eratic
The Medal of Honor: Allied Assault website has number four of four gameplay movies. The fourth Quicktime movie is more Normandy Campaign action (Mission 3 Level 1) picking up where last weeks movie left off.

August 03, 2001
DroneZmarK Benchmark Utility (08:06) Eratic
Zetha gameZ has released DroneZmarK for public download. The next-generation OpenGL benchmark / rolling demo is based on the DroneZ engine and can be used on any machine with 256 Mb of RAM. Thanks 3D Files.

New Game Wallpapers (07:56) Eratic
GameWallpapers have a completely new site layout as well as several new desktop wallpapers from six top pc games including Soldier of Fortune 2, Aliens Vs. Predator 2, Tribes 2, Red Faction, MOH: Allied Assault, and DuelField.

RivaTuner 2.0 RC6 (07:46) Eratic
Guru of 3D just released version RC6 of Rivatuner v2.0, their powerful tweaking utility for NVIDIA display adapters running under Windows 98/ME/2000.

IE 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Internet Tools Released (07:35) Eratic
Micrososft has released a Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Internet Tools update.

Halo Zone Launched (07:18) Eratic
Total Gamer Network is celebrating the launch of their latest site, Halo Zone, dedicated to the upcoming X-Box and PC game Halo.

A3 alternative to Nvidia's nForce (07:10) Eratic
Ths Register posted this article with more info on ATI and their upcoming launch against Nvidia's nForce with their own graphics chipset, codenamed A3.

Spider-Man Preview & Media (06:51) Eratic
PC.IGN has a preview of LTI Gray Matter's upcoming third-person action game, Spider-Man. Included is eleven new screenshots and five new Quicktime gameplay movies.

August 01, 2001
Medal of Honor Movie #3 (17:13) Eratic
The Medal of Honor: Allied Assault website has number three of four gameplay movies. The third Quicktime movie is more Normandy Campaign action (Mission 3 Level 1) picking up where last weeks movie left off.

Carmack On Doom Videocard Performance (17:12) Eratic
John Carmack made a post on Slashdot.org regarding performance comparing ATI and NVidia video cards in the DOOM engine.

How PunkBuster Can Be Used for Evil (08:05) leentjes
This week in Colonel Lai's column at Stomped, he talks about how the PunkBuster and the blacklist can be used to maliciously ban legit players. A very nice article to read! With thanks to Sean "Redwood" Martin for bringing this article to our attention

Quake III Arena News (06:16) Eratic
  • Robert Duffy updated his .plan with details on the v1.29h beta patch release for Win32. It again can be had via the ingame auto-update system or from the id ftp server (25.5 MB).
  • Robert Duffy again updated his .plan with word that the latest game source will be up today and that there will be minimal changes before the non-beta 1.30.
  • Eric Webb updated his .plan regarding the many emails sent about router issues people are having. He suggests that it is possible that they aren't router issues and that its probably the three different patch versions released over the week having problems connecting into each other. He's asking for help testing on their server.
  • Eric Webb again posted a .plan update with results of the testing from earlier.

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