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Blood 2: The Chosen Details

Game: Blood 2: The Chosen

Catagory: Action

Publisher: GT Interactive

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3D API: Direct 3D
A3D Support: Y
EAX Support: N
Force Feedback: N
Multiplayer: Y

System Requirements:

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads
b2p_21.exe 1999-04-01 2.1 2.7 mb   545

Blood 2.1 Patch

If you have installed Blood II: Nightmares, you do not need this patch.

  • New Standalone server which is proving to be significantly more stable.
  • The player will now slide down slopes greater than 45 degrees.
  • "connect " console command now specifies the last used .b2c config file (or caleb.b2c).
  • "connect " console command now brings up the loading screen if a connection is made.
  • Added "Load " console command for loading levels via the console. The "world" console command should not be used because the blood2 specific game setup code will not get called by the engine.
  • Climbing slopes greater than 60 degrees is not allowed.
  • Fixed bug where wrong team was given credit in the text message when scoring goal in soccer games.
  • Fixed the lack of alt-fire player animations.
  • Objectives are now allowed in custom levels.
  • Fixed remote bombs dropped by player. They were causing a crash when they were getting removed.
  • Life-Leech will no longer give the player health if they are already dead.
  • This patch enhances the multiplayer functions and addresses several single player issues.
  • Much more

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