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Ultim@te Race Pro Details

Game: Ultim@te Race Pro

Catagory: Simulation

Publisher: Microprose

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3D API: Glide
A3D Support: N
EAX Support: N
Force Feedback: N
Multiplayer: N

System Requirements:

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads
urp150.exe 1999-05-05 1.50 2.9 mb   424

Patch Info
This new patch features the following fixes/enhancements:

  • v1.5 fixes keyboard problems with nVidia TNT-based boards
  • Voodoo 2: MIPMAP + Trilinear filtering
  • 4MB Frame buffer Voodoo 1/2: Additional 800x600 mode
  • MPact 3D cards Direct3D support
  • Internet gameplay improvement
  • Cable modem support for Winsock 2
  • Choice of the network adaptor on multiple IP address systems for TCP/IP
  • Update of Winsock2
  • Ability to hack car specs removed
  • Z-Buffer works on all 3Dfx cards
  • 3Dfx cards with more than 4MB memory can run at 800x600
  • Voodoo Rush cards work well now
  • MIPMAP activated on Voodoo1 card with 6MB memory
  • Texture bug in Voodoo2 with 12MB or memroy fixed
  • Mipmapping and trilinear filtering is only available on Voodoo2
  • URP now supports MPlayer
  • Creative Labs EAX support

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