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Archmedian Destiny Details

Game: Archmedian Destiny

Catagory: Action

Publisher: Blue Byte

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3D API: Glide
A3D Support: N
EAX Support: N
Force Feedback: N
Multiplayer: N

System Requirements:
IBM PC or 100% compatibles
486/100MHz or better (Pentium recommended and fully supported)
Hi-Color SuperVGA 640x480
Sound Blaster or compatible sound card.
CD-ROM drive (double speed or better),
joystick recommended.

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads
ad_3dfx.exe 1998-01-01   1.3 mb   267
ADUPDATE.EXE 1998-01-01 1.120 1.3 mb   281

Update Note
Whats new:

  • A movie player has been added to the OPTIONS-INPUT menu. Here you can view video-clips from the game.
  • A new option has been added to the Vectorgraphic menu called Transparency, when this is on it will allow you to see through explosions and other environmental effects.
  • Added Z-Buffering which allows for more accurate targeting of gunturrets and other weapon systems on some of larger capital ships.


Copy this file into your AD directory and type ADUPDATE to extract the files.


You should see a brief message asking you if you want to continue. Press "Y" for yes and the files will then be expanded.

The program should then be started using the AD2.EXE file instead of the old AD.EXE. If you have problems getting the AD2.EXE to work, then use AD.EXE to start the game.

The updated v1.120 may not run properly on some configurations, P75 or lower. Please use "AD.EXE" if the "AD2.EXE" does not run properly.

Patch Info

Copy the 'AD_3DFX.exe' to your AD directory (default location is C:\Bluebyte\Ad).

Double-click on the file to start the extraction.

Read the dialogue and click 'OK,' then 'Unzip' to unzip the files.

Click on the 'Close' button to exit.

Read the Readme.txt file for information and technical support.

Double-click on the 'Ad3dfx.exe' file to launch the enhanced 3Dfx version of the game.

*Note-3Dfx Voodoo Rush owners must read the Readme for additional information on running the game.

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