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Luftwaffe Commander Details

Game: Luftwaffe Commander

Catagory: Simulation

Publisher: SSI

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3D API: Direct 3D
A3D Support: N
EAX Support: N
Force Feedback: Y
Multiplayer: Y

System Requirements:

  • Hard drive, 8X CD-ROM drive and mouse.
  • Pentium 166.
  • 32MB RAM.
  • Windows 95, DirectX compliant sound card.
  • 28.8 kbps modem for Internet play.
  • DirectX 6 compliant 3D accelerator card with 4MB of memory

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads
Lc10-11.exe 1999-01-22 1.1 222 kb   157

Patch Notes
Battle can now be destroyed with Realistic Damage turned on.
HE72 can now be destroyed with Realistic Damage turned on
Midair collisions now damage/destroy your plane.
You are now able to fly to Toledo in Spain without crashing.
All enemy planes that crash now explode.
I-16 aircraft now has the correct 2 blade propellor.
Propellor on He72 plane is now at the correct height when viewed in virtual cockpit mode.

Spanish Missions:
Spanish Escort He59, rendezvous point with float planes is now accurate with the briefing map
Spanish Escort He59,  after meeting with the He59's you are to escort, hitting Zap now takes you to the next combat zone, not to your home airbase
Spanish Escort Ju52, the Ju52's are alive now when you meet them

French Missions:
France Escort Ju87, all Ju87's are now able to take off without crashing
France Fried Jagd vs. Fokker G.1a/DXXI/F2A-3,  you now land at the same airfield you took off from.
France Runway Alert Mission, the invisible hill near Nieuport has been fixed.

Training Mode:
Crashing in Training mode no longer earns a Pilots Badge
In Training mode, pulling the He72 into a steep climb will no longer allow it to hover in mid air.

Multi Player:
Modem/Serial Game no longer locks up when attempting to start a game
In Multiplay,  enemy planes now appear as FOE on the GCI
In Multiplay, two planes targeting each other on their GCI's now get the same distance to each other.

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