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Mig Alley Details

Game: Mig Alley

Catagory: Simulation

Publisher: Empire Interactive

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3D API: Direct 3D
A3D Support: N
EAX Support: N
Force Feedback: Y
Multiplayer: Y

System Requirements:

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads
mig123.exe 2000-04-13 1.23 2.3 MB   479

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1.21 Patch Details

MiG Alley Version 1.2
F51 Speed Indicator Fixed [not 100% acurate but OK upto about 500 Knots]

Multiplayer Fixes - Removed a Warping Bug [very noticable on dialup connections]
- tested from Italy->UK both dialup 56k connections accross the internet
- numerous edits in the Multiplayer area.

If you update your graphics hardware with MA installed you must delete the savegame\settings.mig file out of the installed directory

TnT+VooDoo2 graphics selection problem Fixed [if you have 2 D3D capable cards in your machine then it was possible to get a D3D error for an illegal mode - i.e. if you selected 1024x768 for a TnT with a single VooDoo2 [which cannot do 1024x768 with a z-buffer] in the system then MA would crash to the dektop during the 3D initialiasation.

Target Lock stutter fixed

Crack and Burn bug fixed

Replay initialisation tidied

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