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Triple Play 2000 Details

Game: Triple Play 2000

Catagory: Sports

Publisher: Electronic Arts

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3D API: Glide, D3D
A3D Support: Y
EAX Support: Y
Force Feedback: N
Multiplayer: Y

System Requirements:

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads
tp00ptch.exe 1999-05-21   1.1 mb   367 1999-05-18   34 kb Readme 272

Patch Notes

The Triple Play 2000 PC patch contains fixes in areas for:

  • Created Players in season play
  • Pitching with the Ball Cursor
  • Pitchout situations
  • EA Dream Team options
  • Stealing and leading off bases
  • Loading saved games
  • Partially completed games

This patch also includes updated rosters as of April 21, 1999.


  • This patch will not permit multiplayer network connections with the non-patched version of the game. Patched versions of Triple Play 2000 can only be played against other patched versions of Triple Play 2000.
  • When using the patched version of Triple Play 2000, all partially completed games will be cleared upon loading.
  • This patch updates the roster files. If you load a previously saved season, playoff, or roster the team rosters will not be as they were prior to the patch. If this is undesireable, please complete your season or playoff before updating.

To install the patch:

  1. Download the TP00PTCH.EXE file to your hard drive.
  2. Open the folder that you downloaded the patch to and double-click TP00PTCH.EXE. The patch files are extracted.
  3. Copy the TP00_R.EXE file to the Triple Play 2000 folder (C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\Triple Play 2000 by default). When prompted to overwrite the file click Yes.
  4. Copy the following files to the DATA folder within the Triple Play 2000 folder (C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\Triple Play 2000\DATA by default):
    When prompted to overwrite the files click Yes.
  5. The patch is installed. You are now ready to play Triple Play 2000 PC.
  6. Enjoy!

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