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Motorhead Details

Game: Motorhead

Catagory: Simulation

Publisher: Gremlin Interactive

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3D API: Glide, D3D
A3D Support: Y
EAX Support: N
Force Feedback: Y
Multiplayer: N

System Requirements:

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads 2000-09-16 US GeForce HUD fix 435 kb   129 2000-09-16 Europe GeForce HUD 435 kb   157 2000-09-16 OEM GeForce HUD fix 435 kb   108
mhp30.exe 1999-03-26 3.0 14 mb   247

Patch Info
Works with these versions of Motorhead: European retail, US retail, Logitech bundle, Matrox bundle, Diamond bundle, Sony bundle, CreativeLabs bundle.

  • Two new cars released, the "Dominator" and the "Venom". Now it's time to kill those Serpent times :) Make sure you tell the server admins to allow them on the internet servers too, i.e. set UnlockedCars in the "server.cfg" to 14. Thanks to Drunk_Driver and Trix for the tweeking...
  • Fixed a detection problem with the DirectSound3D and Creative Labs EAX sound-systems on some versions of Win95.
  • Fixed a workaround for some soundcard-drivers that made Motorhead crash immediately on statup.
  • Included the latest addressbook with dedicated Motorhead servers around the world.
  • Included the MPlayer( multiplayer system so that everyone can enjoy the fun on the US MPlayer servers.
  • Included 9 ghost-demos recorded by Drunk_Driver, one of the best Motorhead drivers ever. You can learn a lot by watching and ghost-racing him.
  • Included the two cars in carpack1, the "Python Menace" and the "SuperBee".
  • Include the latest Motorhead dedicated server for Win32.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

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