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Game: SiN

Catagory: Action

Publisher: Activision

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3D API: OpenGL
A3D Support: Y
EAX Support: Y
Force Feedback: N
Multiplayer: Y

System Requirements:
P150, 32MB RAM, CDROM, Windows supported soundcard.

P2 or K6-2, 64MB RAM, 3Dfx Voodoo2 or Riva TNT.

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads
sin_111_from_100.exe 2001-02-13 1.0 -> 1.11 32.7 MB   517
sin_111_from_101.exe 2001-02-13 1.01 -> 1.11 15,2 MB   260
sin_111_from_104.exe 2001-02-13 1.04 -> 1.11 5.5 MB   216

Sin CTF and 1.04
v1.04 updates your previously patched version of Sin from v1.01 or above to v1.04, and includes CTF. You must have at least version v1.01 before running this patch. If you have not previously patched your Sin game, upgrade to v1.01 first.

SiN Update CD
Activision, Inc. announced today that it is offering a free Sin update disc (v1.01) and an additional bonus deathmatch level to all gamers who e-mail their name and mailing address to    The company will confirm receipt of all e-mails and contact consumers when the disc is mailed.

SiN Patch in two Parts
Blue's News has posted the Sin patch in two parts that are 9.7 Meg apiece. sin_arj.exe and sin_arj.e01

RivaTNT Sin Config
Dan from Tweak3D has posted a new autoexec.cfg for RivaTNT users to sweeten up their display.  You can get the details over at Tweak3D.  Here are a few shots of me and True playing the new Paradox level that is in the patch using the new autoexec.cfg:

Skip AVI's at startup
If you want to skip the annoying AVI's when starting SiN and go straight to the menu do the following:

First, just head into the BASE folder, and open up the DEFAULT.CFG file in Notepad. Locate the following section:

// Runs through Ritual logo and 2 demos
alias d1 "demomap ritual_logo.avi; set nextserver d2"
alias d2 "demomap sintro.avi;      set nextserver d3"
alias d3 "menu_logon"

Simply edit the section until it looks like this:

// Loads SiN directly into the logon menu
alias d1 "menu_logon"

Getting back to where you left off befor
Saved games are not compatible with the 1.1 patch so you will want this info to get back to where you were before the patch.

Here is a list of levels in the game so that you can easily skip back to where you were before the patch.   Also included is the name of the primary mapper who worked on the map.

Simply pull down the console using the tilde (~) key, and type "map <mapname>" where mapname is the name of the map you want to jump to. 

Example:  "map area57" will skip you Area 57.




Level Designer

Intro intro Tom Mustaine
Bank bank Patrick Hook
Abandoned Building abandon Patrick Hook
Construction Site csite Charlie Wiederhold
Subway subway Tom Mustaine
SinTEK Chemical Plant Security chem1 Charlie Wiederhold
SinTEK Chemical Plant chem2 Mattias Worch
SinTEK Ouside Warehouse whouse1 Patrick Hook
SinTEK Warehouse whouse2 Patrick Hook
SinTEK Biomech Security biomecha Tom Mustaine
SinTEK Biomech Factory biomechb Tom Mustaine
Missle Silo silo Charlie Wiederhold
Freeport Sewers A sewera Tom Mustaine
Freeport Sewers B sewerb Tom Mustaine
Freeport Aqueducts aq1 Mattias Worch
Freeport Dam dam Tom Mustaine
Freeport Water Works 1 wworks1 Charlie Wiederhold
Freeport Water Works 2 wworks2 Charlie Wiederhold
SinTEK Oilrig oilrig Charlie Wiederhold
Underwater Passage 1 uwpass1 Patrick Hook
Underwater Passage 2 uwpass2 Patrick Hook
SinTEK Hidden Docks 1 docks1 Levelord
SinTEK Hidden Docks 2 docks2 Levelord
SinTEK Geothermal Plant 1 geo1 Levelord
SinTEK Geothermal Plant 2 geo2 Levelord
Jungle 1 jungle1 Levelord
Jungle 2 jungle2 Patrick Hook
Gorge gorge Levelord
Area 57 area57 Levelord
Biomass biomass Levelord
Xenomorphic Lab 1 xeno1 Levelord
Xenomorphic Lab 2 xeno2 Levelord
Elexis' Mansion 1 mansion1 Levelord
Elexis' Mansion 2 mansion2 Levelord
Munt Phoenix phoenix Patrick Hook
Thrall thrall Patrick Hook

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