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Quake 3: Arena Details

Game: Quake 3: Arena

Catagory: Action

Publisher: Activision

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Works With Stereo Glasses
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3D API: OpenGL
A3D Support: Y
EAX Support: Y
Force Feedback: N
Multiplayer: Y

System Requirements:

  • 3-D Hardware Accelerator with full OpenGL Support
  • Pentium 233 Mhz MMX processor with 8MB video card or Pentium II 266 Mhz processor with 4 MB video card or AMD 350 Mhz K6-2 processor with 4 MB video card
  • 64 MB RAM
  • A 100% Windows compatible coputer system
  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 (with service pack 3) operating systems
  • 25 mb uncompressed HD space minimum
  • 480 mb Full install

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads
q3pointrelease_129g_beta.exe 2001-07-27 1.29g 26.5   1142
linuxq3apoint-console-1.29f-beta1.x86.run 2001-06-19 1.29f Ded 26.0 MB   589
linuxq3apoint-1.29f-beta1.x86.run 2001-06-19 1.29f 27.5 MB   492
q3pointrelease_129f_beta.exe 2001-06-19 1.29f BETA 26.5 MB   578
Q3PointRelease_127h_BETA.exe 2001-01-08 1.27h BETA 835 kb   724
Q3PointRelease_127g_Supplement.zip 2000-12-28   192 kb   541
linuxq3ded-1.27g-beta1.tar.gz 2000-12-22 1.27g 10.1 MB   701
linuxq3a-1.27g-beta1.tar.gz 2000-12-22 1.27g 11.2 MB   589
Q3PointRelease_127g.exe 2000-12-14 1.27g 18.6 MB   1341


Addon Date Size Description Downloads
Castles Arrrghhh 13 Mar 00 3.4 MB   706
Undeniable Opression 12 Mar 00 2.2 MB   506
Two Halves`CTF 11 Mar 00 3.4 MB   430
MSWord Q3Radient Manual 16 Feb 00 438 kb   512
HTML Q3Radient Manual 16 Feb 00 473 kb   517
Q3Radient 21 Dec 99 7.4 MB   1706
Q3 Threewave Maps 15 Dec 99 8.3 MB   951

Point Release
Changes as of 1/13/2000

  • Store CD Key in a seperate file
  • Shrink Icons on scoreboard and do away with staggered heads
  • Voting can change gametype if current map does not suppoprt current game type
  • Server list shows ip address
  • possible team uneven measures? (as in L-Fire CTF) Prevent team join, prevent capture, prevent flag pickup
  • Add team overlay location colors
  • Server Browser: Could we remember settings for "Show Full" and "Show Empty" ? They are reinitialized every time. I like to see *ALL* servers and it's redundant to have to click those two buttons every time
  • New scoreboard. Minor positional adjustments to default score board when clients hits more than seven, the scoreboard goes into compressed mode and interleaves the players head models/icons.
  • Fixed health color display bug on team overlay
  • Changing gamma causes a crash
  • Spectators can now go through doors. A spectator only teleport is created on each side of the door that teleports a spectator to the other side (spectators on q3tourney4 will love this)
  • fixed drop shadows also showing up on ground with gap
  • bots should NOT use the personal teleporter when carrying a flag (except
  • fixed bot_minplayers, kept loading bots during intermission because
  • changing ctf strategy randomly if the game is 'stuck' for too long
  • Bots have both agressive and passive ctf strategies
  • fixed recalculating item area even if item didn't move
  • added flag status icons to the hud, displayed as:, flag icon -- at base, empty colored square -- flag taken, grey colored square -- flag dropped
  • fixed resetting rush base away time when flag returns
  • fixed bots defending dropped flags
  • fixed team leaders not giving 'orders' to themselves
  • fixed removing double quoting in chat, tchat and print messages before
  • Keybind INI files are broken
  • Fixed Gamestate/Snapshot issue for modem users
  • don't play denied sound if team mate picks up the powerup
  • g_teamAutoJoin (default off), sets it so players automatically join a team on connect
  • g_teamForceBalance (default off), forces it so that the spread between the number of players on a team is no more than two. Player will be disallowed to join a team with two or more players than the other.
  • added callvote nextmap, and display available callvote commands if usage is incorrect
  • adjusted maximum width of team overlay down
  • added g_needpass serverinfo so remote browsers can determine if a password is needed
  • Team scoreboard needs to overlay a colored team background on the scoreboard to clearly show team divisions
  • added the ability to set g_password to "none" which means no password. This makes /rcon g_password none work
  • fixed width problem for names on the team overlay
  • team scores displayed on scoreboard in spectator mode
  • team scores are now correctly updated and displayed when joining game in progress
  • dead player displays crossout for weapon instead of missing texture on team overlay
  • Fixed scores so that only the flag carrier gets five points for capturing. Team members do not get a bonus--the entire team gets a capture point. This was the originally indended scoring for Q3.
  • Fixed it so that you get the aggressive enemy bonus for fragging a player who hurt your flag carrier (it had an 8 millisecond timeout, oops)
  • Add g_doWarmup to allow warmup countdown timer on all game modes. This helps out in clan matches, since they can do a restart and get a fair countdown (as opposed to a random map_restart that is abruptive). This also gives people with slow load times a fair chance
  • add g_doWarmup to callvote so people can vote in the warmup option
  • Player is ALWAYS shown on the scoreboard, dropped at the bottom if player wasn't shown in the top scores
  • drop ctf flags when player activates personal telporter (you can't take it with you!)
  • don't draw crosshair in spectator mode (names are still drawn however). Crosshair is drawn when following a player.
  • empty servers should show by default on the server display list
  • adding game cvar tracking so that cvar changes made in mid game are told to all clients. The following cvars are tracked: dmflags, fraglimit, timelimit, capturelimit, g_friendlyFire, g_warmup, g_doWarmup, g_speed, g_gravity, g_knockback, g_quadfactor, g_w
  • added the ability to select the position of the teamoverlay. Updated the game options menu to make the new positions available. I find I like it much more in the lower left [doesn't interfer with chat text.] Available positions are: cg_drawTeamOverlay 0 ?
  • added 'teamoverlay' to userinfo. This allows the server to determine if the client has the team overlay display on and only send the team information if needed (turning it off saves some bandwidth)
  • made positions on team overlay static--takes the top eight players by score and puts them in client order (so they won't switch positions on the team overlay)
  • made location strings left justified in team overlay
  • Added IP banning. Similar to Quake2 method. Two new commands addip _mask_ and removeip _mask_. The ban list is saved in a cvar called g_banIPs. g_filterBan controls ban direction (default value of non-zero means everyone is allowed to connect, except thos
  • teleport spectators to other side of door trigger brush when the door is Not open
  • Display 2D player, flag, ammo and armor icons if draw3dIcons is off in status bar and on scoreboard (so all 3D icons are replaced by 2D version if cg_draw3Dicons is off)
  • fixed bug where bots stand still not reacting to anything, not even incoming enemies
  • added new individual CTF AI
  • fixed team AI when base flag is gone
  • fixed bots ignoring your commands if your name contains certain non alphabet characters (like . / ~).
  • added ctf task preference for human players
  • don't start kill, hitnokill, or hitnodeath chats when there are nearby enemies
  • Add new cg_drawIcons cvar, turns off all icons (2D or 3D depending on setting of draw3dIcons
  • don't start chatting when using a powerup
  • Denied no longer sounds on same team pickups
  • dropped items can fall out of the map or stick into walls. dropped items should use player clipping
  • If a callvote passes with "map _mapname_", the game will keep the value of nextmap the same. This allows a player call vote a map change without upsetting the map rotation
  • Screenshots broken in Q3, restarting exe causes game to overwrite 001 etc
  • delay deferred model load until after death, and after client presses fire to respawn
  • "No team_CTF_redflag in map" is no longer fatal
  • Weapon Switch Issues: I'm still getting double clicks when I run out of ammo on the lightning gun or plasma. I'll have the fire button down, it runs out of ammo, it clicks, I let go of the fire button, press down, it clicks again
  • Fixed up flag on flag carrier player model, made it stop rotating while being carried
  • CTF Flag destroyed by nodrop areas
  • s_khz 44 broken
  • Right justified the team overlay
  • default shader fix
  • com_hunkMegs now works properly, com_hunkMegs has a minimum value of 56 for standard gameplay and 1 for a dedicated server connecting to a pure server works properly, no more kickouts

New Model
To get the new Sarge Model in the new Q3A 1.08 type model sarge at the command promt.

Q3A Test Commands
Here are some commands for the Q3A Test. If you have any other interesting commands let us know so we can add them here.

exec democycle - Plays Demo
cmdlist - Lists all the commands
cvarlist - lists all the cvars
team s - spectator mode!
cg_drawfps - show your framerate
r_railcorewidth , r_railsegmentlength , cg_railtrailtime - all visible railgun graphic adjusments.
cg_gibs - turn on or off gibs
cg_footsteps - turn off your own footsteps, people still hear you though.
cg_bobroll , cg_bobup - client view (not player) bouncing and rolling adjustments
cg_gun - turn the weapon model on or off
crosshairhealth - crosshair changes color to reflect your health (on or off)
r_dynamiclighting - dynamic lights. turn them off for a nice framerate improvement

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