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Forsaken Details

Game: Forsaken

Catagory: Action

Publisher: Acclaim

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3D API: Glide, D3D
A3D Support: Y
EAX Support: Y
Force Feedback: Y
Multiplayer: Y

System Requirements:

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads 1999-11-13 V3 & TNT 2 712 bytes   424
forsakenpatch101english.exe 1999-01-25 1.01 6.1 mb   846 1998-09-29   6.1 mb   455 1998-04-27   952 kb   317

Patch Info
New Features

  • The join game menu now gives you information regarding the type of game being played.
  • Multiplayer patched games are incompatible with non-patched games.
  • Both easy and normal mode for single play have been made easier by at least 50%
  • CD is no longer required for multiplayer games provided you did a Custom install that included the level data (and preferably the sound effects as well). You can spawn multiplayer deathmatch games from 1 CD. (Note: CD still required to play the single player game).
  • The option to reset the frag counter after every game has been added. (selectable from Multiplayer option menu).
  • Bike headlights (Can now be toggled on and off and will light up dark areas of the map and cloaked bikers if in range). Selectable from in game key configuration menu.
  • Fullscreen rear view (Can now be set up from the in game key configuration screen).
  • There is now an option to toggle the amount of primary weapons available at the beginning of the level to a maximum of 3. This evens out the playing field, e.g. you can now have 3 Trojax on a level etc. This is selectable from the 'more multiplayer options' menu for the Host.
  • The damage from a ricochet of a Transpulse blast has been reduced to 25% instead of 50% this should stop people from camping out of harms way.
  • Be aware un-patched save games are not compatible with the patch version.

Bug fixes:

  • Choppy FMV bug under Windows 98 and 95 now fixed. Now uses Direct Show to play FMV. All necessary DirectX components now automatically installed.
  • Ammo on all levels now regenerates properly
  • No cheats allowed in multiplayer games.
  • SLI 1024x768 mode for Voodoo 2 is now fixed and is a selectable setting in the launcher.
  • A cure has been found for the Starfighter AGP card crash. Please download the latest drivers from the Real3D website.
  • Crashing when re-spawning in a multi-player game has now been fixed.
  • SetViewport failed crash bug has now been fixed.
  • Flying backwards with nitro bug on the sidewinder joystick is now fixed.
  • The lumberjack cheat no longer leaves stationary Mug missiles in mid air for single player games
  • The power of a Trojax for a quick tap of a button has been corrected (it used to be far too powerful). Now to get full power you must fully charge the Trojax.

This new patch requires DirectX 6 installed!

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