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Flying Corps Details

Game: Flying Corps

Catagory: Simulation

Publisher: Empire Interactive

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3D API: Direct 3D
A3D Support: N
EAX Support: N
Force Feedback: N
Multiplayer: N

System Requirements:

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Patch Date Version Size ReadMe Downloads 1998-04-23 1.1y 3.0 mb Readme 112 1998-01-01   2.1 mb   339

Patch Info
The following info was found at

If you are using FC 1.0 CD's and this is the first time that you have upgraded then you need to download both FC Base and Update. If you already have upgraded then you only need Update. If you are running a non english version you will also need a language patch. German. French. Spanish. Italian. Brazil. Having downloaded the files you then need to change to the directory where Flying Corps lives on your hard disk and use pkunzip -do to unzip the files over the top of the installed version.

FC-GOLD owners can upgrade with :- Update

The 'y' patch offers support for the VooDoo2 [though you will get offered video modes that are not possible - to do 1024x768 you will need 2 Voodoo2's in SLI mode].

The Fokker DR1 can now do 'Flat Turns'.

If you Suffer from a sticky mouse - mainly ET6000 and Viper 330's - then you may get a better front-end by using the -p command line option.

If the 3D has holes in the cockpit or missing wings you may get better results If you use the command line option -16 [enables 16bit textures over 8bit ones]

If you think that you should be getting a better resolution than what is offered i.e. there are lots of modes that are greyed out with the 'not enough RAM' message you could try -m [ignore the memory check for the card] WARNING - this will crash Flying Corps if you choose a resolution that is too large.

DOS fly.exe has been fixed so that acceleration and the autopilots work together.

Fixseek.exe - Used to tune your CD Drive to get the best possible performace from your hardware.

*NEW* A keyboard and joystick remapper..

We also provide some support on the flight-sim Newsgroup.

If you are having problems downloading the above files then we suggest that you use an ftp server and try from somewhere closer to you. [The latest patch file is called]

Jim's joystick tester.

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