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Publisher: Monolith Productions
Developer: Monolith
Demo: gmdemins.exe - 15.2megs
Release Date: In Stores

System Requirements:
Pentium processor (90 or higher) or equivalent
16M+ RAM
4X CD-ROM or faster
SoundBlaster 16 or equivalent
20-40M HD space
Windows(tm) 95

Get Medieval is a hilarious twist on the old Arcade classic 'Gauntlet'.  Basically just a remake of Atari's old coin-op game with better graphics, better sound effects, and better multiplayer options.  Get Medieval is simple to learn and easy to master.

Basically a hack and slash arcade game you get to take the role of one of the 4 heroes that make up Get Medieval's line up.  From left to right there is Eryc the wisecracking bowman, Kellina the stereotypical "woman are better than men" warrior, Zared the Shwarzenegger/hanz & franz wanna be barbarian, and Levina the sexy tart sorceress.

The plot is simple collect all the treasure you can and proceed to the next level.  Game play is relatively easy with the cursor keys controlling your movement, the ctrl key to fire, and the shift key to use spells.  You can play with up to 4 people simultaneously on your PC, over the internet, serial cable, or LAN.   The only thing new over the old coin-op version, besides the improvements is the comedy provided by your characters comments and chatter while exploring through the dungeon.  Comments like Zared's "All this killing is giving me a good pumping up", though funny at first tend to get old quick after a few times of hearing them.

The dungeons are quite complex and offer lots of treasures and monsters for you to find.  You have to be careful where you are shooting as you can destroy some good treasures and powerups in the process of your flailing.  You can chose to follow a prebuilt quest or opt for random dungeons which means you will never know all the levels.

Get Medieval would probably be more suited for little kids where it not for the sexy and sometimes more adult chatter from Levina the Sorceress.  The option to turn off the blood and gore was put in so you would think you could also select a more PG rated vocabulary as well.  You can however turn off the voices all together which you will probably want to do after a while anyway.

Gameplay gets quite repetitive and I for one tired of the whole experience in no time at all.  My 10 year old son however, a product of the GameBoy age, I think will probably play it for a few weeks before growing tired of it.

The bottom line is Monolith did a remake of a game that probably should have been left alone.  Though the graphics and sounds are updated closer to today's standards, the game is still stuck well into the 80's.

Review By: William Gall
Date: September 14, 1998

Test System:
Abit LX6 w/ P2-266 Processor
4.3gig Seagate Barracuda
Canopus Spectra 2500 Provided by Canopus Corporation
Canopus Pure 3D II Provided by Canopus Corporation
Diamond Monster Sound MX200 Provided by Diamond Multimedia

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