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Mini Linux Quake 2 Server Setup Guide
Updated 03/24/99

Here are some step by step instructions to get a Quake 2 server up and running on Linux.  This was was sent in by a reader and therefor I won't be able to answer many questions concerning it.  I hope it proves to be usefull.  If any of you Linux Guru's would like to add to this please let me know bill@3dgw.com.

This is how I managed due to the Linux guy leaving (my knowledge of Linux is non-existent :-() ).  We have one Linux & one NT box. I Also FTP'd files between machines (NT box) on our network, but this should be pretty much similar for a Linux dedicated network.

How I Setup Q2CTF on LINUX (this is if Quake 2 is already setup on Linux)

This is a strange bit below, but it works :-)

./quake2 +set dedicated 1 +set port 27920 +game ctf +exec server.cfg

If you set it up remembering about the gamei386.so (easy to get these mixed up) variant file and the pak files the rest is a piece of cake.  Once you do this you can set up many mod variants as you like (as this took me about a week to learn by myself - my second CTF variant server took me 1 hour to complete :-)

Oh, one last thing, the PAK files are actually the maps.  If your CTF server is looking for say map q2ctf1 or maps/q2ctf1.bsp etc etc, then you haven't matched the right pak file that corresponds with the gamei386.so file.

That's basically it (and it fits on a page - yeehaa)

Cheers & Good Luck

ThE MaSTer

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