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By Larry Moody
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Trespasser 10/28
Vigilance 10/29
Johnny Herbert's Grand Prix 10/29
Space Bunnies Must Die 10/29
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 10/29
Grim Fandango 10/29
Sin 11/3
ODT 11/3
Spearhead 11/10
Test Drive Off Road 2 11/11
European Air War 11/11
Centipede 11/12
Hedz 11/12
NBA Live 99 11/12
NHL 99 11/12
Dominant Species 11/12
Montezuma's Return 11/12
Asteroids 11/15
Redgaurd 11/15
Fifth Element 11/15
Dethkarz 11/15
Top 10 lists 11/16

Here's the latest list on the current successes, failures and fixes with 3dfx Glide, Open GL, and Direct 3D compatible computer games on the Voodoo2 3D accelerator. Also included is the info on the maximum resolution available, a graphics quality letter grade score (totally relative of course), and, where applicable, the fixes for games that need them. For example: the listing of "Quake 2 @ 1024x768, A-" means that the game, QUAKE 2, runs at a maximum resolution of 1024x768, and has a graphic quality score of A-. Graphic quality includes framerate, resolution, level of detail, quality of art, etc. Please remember that this is a graphic quality score only and not an overall score for the game. Note that the game lists are not numbered to make it easier for me to amend. A "?" indicates that the information was not available to me.


Check out for most of the patches.

- - - - - - - - - GAMES THAT WORK "OUT OF THE BOX" - - - - - - - - -

These are the titles which do not need any sort of patch or fix to get running on voodoo2. Note that 1024x768 is usually acheived on a voodoo2 SLI setup only, unless z-buffering is not used in the game. If one of the games listed here does not work on your system, chances are you need to get the latest voodoo2 reference drivers from 3dfx, you may have to reinstall your current drivers, and/or uncheck any advanced properties like "force triple color buffering." Following the games list are tricks to get better visuals or speedier performance, as well as extra information on the games when appropriate.

ABC Sports Indycar Racing @ ?, C
Actua Ice Hockey @ 1024x768, B-
Adidas Power Soccer @ 640x480, B-
Adrenix @ 640x480, D
Aerofly Demo @ 1024x768, C-
Air Warrior 3 @ ?, C
Andretti Racing @ 640x480, B-
Ares Rising @ 640x480, D
Armor Command @ 1024x768, B
Asteroids @ 640x480, B+
Barrage @ 1024x768, B+
Battlezone @ 1024x768, B (voodoo2 enhanced A+)
Beastwars @ 640x480, C
Bounty Hunter Demo @ 640x480, B-
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling @ 640x480, C
Bugriders @ 1024x768, C-
Burnout Drag Racing @ 640x480, B-
Carmageddon 2 Demo @ 640x480, B
CART Precision Racing @ 640x480, B-
Castrol Honda Superbike @ 1024x768, B-
Centipede @ 640x480, C
Colin McRae Rally demo @ 640x480, B-
Creed @ 640x480, B-
Cyberdome @ 640x480, F
Cybergladiators @ ?, C-
Daytona USA Deluxe @ 640x480, D+
Dead Reckoning @ 640x480, C-
Deathtrap Dungeon @ 800x600, D
Dethkarz @ 1024x768, A+
Descent Freespace @ 640x480, A-
Die By the Sword @ 640x480, C
Dominant Species @ 640x480, D+
Driver's Education @ 640x480, C+
European Air War @ 640x480, C+
Evil Knievel @ 640x480, ?
Excalibur 2555ad @ 640x480, C+
F1 Racing Simulation @ 640x480, B
F16 Multirole Fighter @ 1024x768, A+
F22 Air Dominance Fighter @ 800x600, B+
Fatal Abyss @ 640x480, C-
Fifth Element @ 640x480, B-
Fighting Force @ 1024x768, B+
Final Fantasy 7 @ 640x480, C
Flesh Feast @ 640x480, C+
Flight Unlimited 2 @ 1024x768, A
Formula 1 Championship Edition @ 640x480, C
Forsaken @ 1024x768, A+
Fox Sports Golf @ 640x480, D
Frogger @ 640x480, C-
Front Page Sports Ski Racing @ 640x480, D-
Galapagos @ 640x480, C-
Game Net and Match @ 640x480, C
Gex 2 @ 640x480, C+
GLQuake (Quake patched) @ 1024x768, B-
G Police @ 1024x768, A
Grand Prix Legends @ 1024x768, A
Grand Touring Cars Demo @ 640x480, C+
Grim Fandango @ 640x480, B-
Hangsim Demo @ 1024x768, D
Hardball 6 @ 640x480, C-
Hardwar @ 1024x768, A
Heavy Gear @ 640x480, C
Hedz @ 1024x768, B
Hellbender @ 640x480, C
Hexen 2 @ 1024x768, B
High Heat Baseball @ 640x480, C
House of the Dead @ 640x480, C+
iF-18 Carrier Strike Fighter @ 1024x768, C+
iF-22 Persian Gulf 5.0 @ 1024x768, C+
Incoming @ 1024x768, A
Incubation @ 640x480, C+
Incubation The Wilderness Missions @ 640x480, C+
Independence Day @ 640x480, D
Independence War (I-War) @ 800x600, A
Interstate '76 Arsenal/Gold @ 640x480, C
Interstate '76 Nitro Riders D3D @ 640x480, C
Interstate '76 Original D3D @ 800x600, C
Israeli Air Force @ 640x480, C+
Jane's F-15 @ 640x480, B+
Jedi Knight @ 1024x768, B-
Jetfighter Fullburn @ 640x480, C
Johnny Herbert's Grand Prix @ 1024x768, B
Klingon Honor Guard @ 1024x768, A
Lego Island @ 640x480, ?
Longbow 2 @ 640x480, A-
M1 Tank Platoon 2 @ 640x480, B-
Madden 98 @ 640x480, D
Madden 99 @ 1024x768, A+
Mageslayer @ 800x600, B-
Manx TT @ 640x480, C
MDK @ 640x480, C+
Mechwarrior 2 Mercs 3dfx Edition @ 640x480, C+
M.I.A. @ 1024x768, B
Micromachines V3 @ ?, ?
Microsoft Baseball 3D @ 1024x768, A-
Microsoft Flight Simulator '98 @ 1024x768, C
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator @ 1024x768, A+
Mig 29 Fulcrum @ 1024x768, A+
Monster Truck Madness @ 640x480, C+
Monster Truck Madness 2 @ 640x480, A-
Montezuma's Return @ 800x600, B+
Mortal Kombat 4 @ 640x480, C+
Motocross Madness @ 1024x768, A
Motoracer 2 Demo @ 1024x768, B
Motorhead @ 1024x768, A
Mysteries of the Sith @ 1024x768, C+
NBA Live 99 @ ?, A
NCAA Football 99 Demo @ 640x480, C+
Need For Speed 3 @ 1024x768, A+
NFL Blitz @ 1024x768, A
NFL Gameday 99 @ 640x480, B-
NHL 99 @ 1024x768, A
NHL Powerplay 98 @ 1024x768, C+
NHRA Drag Racing @ 640x480, B-
N.I.C.E. 2 Demo @ 800x600, B-
Nightmare Creatures @ 1024x768, B
ODT @ 1024x768, A
Outwars @ 640x480, C
Overboard @ 800x600, C+
Panzer Commander @ 640x480, C
Plane Crazy @ 1024x768, C+
PowerBoat Racing @ 640x480, C-
Powerslide demo 1024x768, A
Private Wars Test Demo @ 800x600, C
Quake 2 @ 1024x768, A
Quake 2 Ground Zero @ 1024x768, A
Quake 2 The Reckoning @ 1024x768, A
Rainbow Six @ 1024x768, B-
Redgaurd @ 1024x768, B-
Recoil Demo @ 1024x768, A
Redline Racer @ 640x480, A-
Resident Evil @ 640x480, C
Return Fire 2 @ 640x480, B-
Sabre Ace @ 640x480, C+
S.C.A.R.S. Demo @ 640x480, B-
Scorched Planet @ 640x480, D+
Shadow Master @ 800x600, C+
Shipwreckers @ 800x600, C+
Shogo @ 1024x768, A+
Sin @ 1024x768, A
Space Bunnies Must Die @ 1024x768, C+
Spearhead @ 640x480, C
Spec Ops @ 640x480, C+
Speed Busters @ 1024x768, A
Speedy Zone @ 640,480, D
Star Fleet Academy @ 640x480, C+
Starsiege Demo @ 800x600, B-
Stratosphere @ 640x480, C
Subculture @ 640x480, A-
Super Touring Demo @ 640x480, C+
Survival Demo @ 640x480, C-
Swiv 3D @ 640x480, D
Take No Prisoners @ 800x600, C+
Team Apache @ 800x600, B
Test Drive Off Road 2 @ 640x480, D
Terracide @ 1024x768, B-
Terra Incognita @ 640x480, D
The Divide Enemies Within @ 800x600, D-
Tiger Woods 99 @ 1024x768, A
Time Warriors @ 640x480, D+
TOCA Touring Car @ 640x480, B-
Tomb Raider 2 @ 1024x768, B-
Toshinden 2 @ 1024x768, ?
Trespasser @ 800x600, B-
Turok Dinosaur Hunter @ 800x600, B+
Ultimate Race Pro @ 800x600, B
Unreal @ 1024x768, A+
Vigilance @ 1024x768, B-
Viper Racing demo @ 1024x768, B+
Virtua Fighter 2 D3D version @ 640x480, C+
Virtual Pool 2 @ 1024x768, B-
Virtua Squad 2 @ 640x480, C+
VR Baseball 2000 @ 640x480, C-
Warbirds @ 1024x768, C
Wargames Demo @ 640x480, C-
Warhammer Dark Omen @ 640x480, B-
Wipeout XL @ 800x600, B
World Cup 98 @ 640x480, A
Worldwide Soccer with D3D patch @ 640x480, ?
X-Com Interceptor @ ?, C
X-Wing Collector Series @ 640x480, C

Andretti Racing
Glide patch available which increases performance. andrettiglide.exe (479 kb) readme

Download patch 1.31 and the "Large assets" patch for full voodoo2 enhancements - high resolution textures, great explosions, and added effects... bzpat131.exe (3.9 MB) readme (3.3 MB) readme

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling Demo
Disable SLI if any problems are occuring.

Castrol Honda Superbike
Does not use the voodoo2 by default: seems to use any other 3d accelerator if available (ie RIVA, i740) - People with only the voodoo2 available for 3d says it works fine though. New patch reported to fix problems. (626 kb)

European Air War
To use glide mode check "limit 2mb memory in glide apps" in advanced properties tab.

F1 Racing Simulation (Ubisoft)
Patch to fix glitches now available! (thanks to Gez - f1rs109v.exe (1.2 MB)

Falcon 4.0 Demo
Runs, very poorly, and looks terrible.

Forsaken (with SLI)
Use "Generic direct 3d" to get 1024x768. Switch in-game resolution back down to 640x480 before exiting, otherwise the next time you run the game it may hang. "A better approach is to modify the file with the V2 parameters. Specifically, under ./forsaken/opt edit the file 3DfxVoodoo2.opt and change the line ScreenMemory from 4096 to 6144. It should look like this..."

ScreenMemory 6144
pw 640
ph 480

(thanks to Bill Burton)

Gex 2
Disable all advanced features, such as triple buffering, to elimate any problems. Patch available to help speed issues as well. gx2patch.exe (627 kb).

You have to disable "Triple Color Buffering" in Glide Mode else it locks up. (Mike Myers)

Heavy Gear
Be sure to download the latest patch to improve the graphics and eliminate many bugs. hgp187d.exe (1.6 MB).

Hexen 2
"I have been able to get it to work at 1024x768 in sli mode. Here's what i did: copied the .dll files from the latest release of glquake to the hexen2 dir, overwriting the ones that were installed from the cd. then i started hexen2 with the command -width1024 -height 768. I also added the command that is mentioned in the glquake readme about sizing the console text." (by Dave Nevala)

"Create a shortcut to the game. Then add the switch or switches -framerate and -screenmode. With the screenmode switch, you can select up to 1024x768. With the framerate switch, you can see your framerates." (Alan Newman)

Interstate '76
"Upgrade to version 1.081. Make a copy of Splash.exe Upgrade to Gold Edition. Overwrite the Splash.exe located in I '76 directory. Launch the game and select D3D Enhanced. Results: The game will look exactly like the Glide version with no texture problems. The textures will be less blurred, and it looks like the anti-aliasing has been activated."(Franciscus Tolhuizen) I76gpat16.exe (84 MB).

Interstate '76 Nitro Riders
"D3D works no problems, a patch for (glide) voodoo2 was on its way." (Zander Tulloch)

Jetfighter Fullburn
Nice setup program for choosing various voodoo and voodoo2 cards. Mild Warning: this is really a DOS game running in Windows. If you have any problems, a voodoo2 patch is available. fullburnupdate1.exe (1.4 MB).

Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries
If you are having problems, install the latest patch and reboot.

Motoracer 2
"I found out that if you use -h in the command line, it will bring up a menu with all the command line switches. One of them happens to be -LimitFrameRate<n>, where <n> is the limiting framerate. The game sets the limit to 30fps by default. Just add -LimitFrameRate60 to the 3Dfx shortcut commandline and you will notice MUCH smoother gameplay, similar to the first Motoracer. -TripleBuffer is also a nice setting to add." (Jeff) " can run it at 1024x768w/o z buffer .. just hit F3 key until you get to 1024x768 (on voodoo2 12 megger)it will say zbuffer not enough memory..." (Clueless)

Reported to work in D3D mode, runs fast and smooth. "Motorhead does run great under Glide on the voodoo2, you need to disable D3D acceleration for the V2. It supports 1024x768 under Glide also, if you are running SLI." (John Round)

Need For Speed 3
Be sure to enable "Force Triple Color Buffering For Glide Apps" to boost framerate. If you have two 8 Meg Voodoo 2 cards in SLI mode here is a way to view the panels (car dashboards, steering wheel, and stuff) of all the cars in NFS3 on all Voodoo2 based boards: ON 8 MEG VOODOO II (SLI) THIS MODE WILL GIVE A MAX RESOLUTION OF 800x600(with z buffer) Go to the folder where NFSIII is installed, under that folder, Go to 3dSetup folder and edit the file called "3ddata.dat":

The Car dashboards are now the default view, to change back to no dash you must use the default (original 3ddata.dat file and run 3dsetup.exe again and choose your Voodoo2 card you have. .(.Note***With ( 2) 8 meg SLI cards the triple buffer option is NOT available using this default setup; however, 1024x768 resolution is now available in the graphics options menu in the game with Z Buffer, says... 1024x768 (Z)) (Dale Rector)

"Click the 3dfx-starter (voodoo1 i mean...) - no problem running the game WITH the 3dfx-starter and the GOLD-drivers and panel for Voodoo2!" (Goetz Scheuermann)

Private Wars Test Demo
Manually edit game.cfg from 640x480 to 800x600. (1024x768 does not work)

Redline Racer
Copy the rlr_d3d.exe from the CD and paste it into the game's directory on the hard drive. Run this version for higher resolution AGP texturing. Note: may be slower on non Pentium-2s in this mode, but the graphics are much better.

Resident Evil
Problems? Download the voodoo2 bug patch if neccessary.

Scorched Planet
This is the new boxed version (3 pack, with Sabre Ace and Resident Evil)

Spec Ops
Disable SLI if the game crashes or flickers. Patches also available, including a special Voodoo2 texture patch which increases graphic quality. Check   for more info.

Tiger Woods 99
Set desktop resolution to match your voodoo2's resolution to alleviate any mouse problems.

Runs better on an AGP2x card such as my TNT 16mb. I suggest turning down detail due to insane amount of texture thrashing if you must use voodoo2.

Ultimate Race Pro
Download Beta patch to run in 800x600 with even smoother FPS, with no SLI problems: otherwise disabling SLI is neccessary. ( 2 MB). readme

Beta multitexture patch available which improves performance. Requires 3dfx drivers with Glide 3.0. Follow included instructions carefully, and be sure to remove any SST settings from autoexec.bat file left over from previous drivers. Unreal_V2_MTex.ZIP (21 kb) readme

- - - - - - - - - GAMES THAT NEED FIXES OR PATCHES - - - - - - - - -

The following games require the user to either download a patch, run a batchfile, or edit command lines to get working properly. Refer to the game's manual for the web addresses to find the patches needed. Please note that some of these games originally did not work on voodoo1: many were patched for 3dfx voodoo cards in general.

Archemedian Dynasty @ 640x480, B-
Battle Arena Toshinden @ 640x480, D
Battlecruiser 3000AD 1.04 @ 640x480, C
Blood 3dfx Patched @ 640x480, C
Carmageddon @ 640x480, C+
Croc @ 800x600, B+
Descent @ ?, ?
Descent 2 @ ?, C
Dungeon Keeper @ 640x480, C
EF2000 2.0 @ 640x400, B-
Extreme Assault @ 640x480, C+
F22 ADF Glide Version @ 800x600, A-
FA-18 Korea @ 800x600, C+
FIFA Road To The World Cup @ 640x480, B
Flying Corps Gold @ 800x600, B-
Flying Saucer Demo @ ?, ?
Formula 1 @ 640x480, C
Formula 1 '97 @ 640x480, C
Frontline Fighters @ ?, C-
Grand Theft Auto @ 800x600, C+
Gunmetal @ ?, ?
Hyperblade @ 640x480, D+
If-22 @ 640x480, C-
Ignition @ ?, ?
International Rally Championship @ 800x600, C
Jetfighter 3 Platinum @ 640x480, C
Jet Moto @ 800x600, B-
Joint Strike Fighter @ 800x600, B-
Lands of Lore 2 @ 640x480, C-
Mechwarrior 2 @ 800x600, C
Motoracer @ 640x480, C
Myth @ 640x480, B+
Nascar 2 @ 640x480, C+
NBA Live 98 @ 640x480, B+
Need For Speed 2 SE @ 640x480, B-
NHL 98 640x480, B
Nuclear Strike @ 1024x768, B
Outlaws @ ?, D+
Pandemonium @ 640x480, C+
POD @ 640x480, B-
Red Baron 2 @ 1024x768, ?
Robo Rumble @ 640x480, B-
Roland Garros 98 @ 640x480, ?
Screamer 2 @ ?, ?
Screamer Rally @ 640x480, C+
Sega Tour Car Championship @ 640x480, C-
Shadows Of The Empire @ 1024x768, B
Shadow Warrior 3dfx Patched @ 640x480, C-
Speed Rally @ ?, ?
Streets of Sim City @ 640x480, D+
Test Drive 4 @ 640x480, C
Tex Murphy Overseer @ 640x480, ?
Tigershark @ 640x480, C
Tomb Raider @ 640x480, C+
Tomb Raider - Unfinished Business @ 640x480, C+
Triple Play 99 @ 640x480, C+
Twisted Metal 2 800x600, B
Uprising @ 640x480, C+
Wing Commander Prophecy @ 640x480, A
Whiplash @ 640x480, D+
X Car @ 640x480, C+
X Wing Versus Tie Fighter @ 640x480, C-

Archemedian Dynasty
Download 3dfx patch - make sure Triple Color Buffering is off. (Frank Thoennes) ad_3dfx.exe (1.3 MB).

Battlecruiser 3000AD
"Make sure you have the latest version (currently 1.07c) It is fully voodoo2 compliant." (Derek Smart)

Build Engine 3dfx patched games (Blood and Shadow Warrior)
"The following batch file I created gives pretty good results. The colours are not all goofed up, and it actually looks pretty good.

@echo off
set BUILD_640x480=1
set BUILD_MRED=200

The BUILD_ values are documented in the readme that comes with the 3Dfx Blood patch. Some settings in the batch file are redundant as they are just set to the default values." (big thanks to Colin Sewell)

Voodoo2 patch available. Check out for more info. Get all the patches needed and follow the readme.txt's directions closely. In addition, if you're running though Windows, right click the VOODO2C.EXE, choose "properties", choose "screen", and click on "full screen" and apply, or game may not start. Note - I was able to run the newly patched version of this game on a network for over 3 hours and it ran perfect on both voodoo2-equipped systems - in other words, the "unsupported"patch works very well!

Install normally, then remove ALL Glide related files from game directory.

3dfx patch available.

Descent 2
Reported to work with beta voodoo2 patch. d2_3dfx8.exe (808 kb).

Dungeon Keeper
Download d3d patch. NOTE: disable SLI and limit texture memory must be done in some cases. Also, BE PATIENT: it has been known to take almost a half minute to initialize. NEW:"If your playing Dungeon Keeper Direct 3D patch with the gold drivers from 3Dfx then you might have some graphic problems like out of place textures, but don't you worry I found a fix for that problem - try installing the latest 3Dfx referencedrivers (the ones with Glide 3), hopfully that should help." (2.7 MB).

Extreme Assault
Voodoo2 patch now available! Requires installation of previous patch as well - check out (Franciscus Tolhuizen)

Patch available for download. "The Webupdate.exe file can be downloaded from Steve's website at" - " undocumented feature to turn onanti-aliasing in the Glide version. Just use the key combo of "alt + 7" . This must be done each time you start the game." (Dale Rector)

FA-18 korea
Download BETA patch that supports voodoo2. Note: this game is annoyingly STUCK at 20fps.

FIFA 98 Road To World Cup
Download voodoo2 patch from (Goetz Scheuermann) fifav140.exe (860 kb).

Flying Corps Gold
"Empire has released a new patch for Flying Corps which fixes some of the Voodoo2 problems. Flying Corps V1 and V2 owners: If you have never upgraded before, you must download and install the Base files ( and the update ( If you have already upgraded to v1.11a, then you only need to download the file. Flying Corps Gold owners:You only need to download the Update ("

Flying Saucer Demo
Download patch that fixes voodoo2 bug.

Formula 1
Patch available f1patch3.exe (393 kb).

Formula 1 '97
Download voodoo2 patch to clear up any bugs.

Frontline Fighters
(This includes 3dfx versions of Hind, Apache, iF-16) Voodoo2 patches now available at Digital Integration's website. New enhanced 3dfx patch now available for iF-16.

Grand Theft Auto
Install DOS version to enable 3dfx version. - As posted by Steve Schoenecker: "It will work but you have to do some tinkering. Look in the folder that you installed the 3dfx version of GTA to and search for a file called something like glide.ovl. That file is the problem. You need to replace this file with the one (same name newer version) located on your Creative V2 installation disk. Once you do that the game will look for the V2 card and run properly." NOTE: GTA works fine with no problems for others, and this may not be neccesary.

Download patch from developer's website to fix voodoo2 glitches.

Voodoo2 patch now available from Activision.

Newest drivers needed. Use SST batch file if it crashes.

Reported to work fine with newest drivers - patch may be available as well.

International Rally Championship
"New patch for International Racing Championship. The Patch adds Voodoo2 Support as well as a multitude of other fixes."( "For Monster 3D II users, just get the latest drivers from diamond multimedia, the patch is not required. Note: May not work with other patches, so leave it unpatched, and may only work if running from the DOS Prompt in full screen mode."

Jetfighter 3 Platinum
Voodoo2 patch now available at website. jetfighteriiiupdate3.exe (6.3 MB).

Jet Moto
"Download latest patch, select v2 dx5 driver. Plays fine at 800x600." (Brian Troha)

Joint Strike Fighter
Download Voodoo2 patch. NOTE: Installing JSF erases glide 2.5, forcing you to reinstall the voodoo2 glide drivers. (475 kb).

Lands of Lore 2
"Install 3dfx patch...start ESC..choose secondary card..may need a reboot for the game to detect the card." (Frode) ll2-130e.exe (825 kb).

Montezuma's Return
Patched by developer. New version (with Bump-mapping) may require fiddling.

New voodoo2 patch now available - reported to work. Get version 3.22. (803 kb).

Download latest patch from (1.3 MB).

Nascar 2
Download 3dfx patch. It now looks incredible and runs flawlessly with full detail on and 39 cars in front of you.

NBA Live 98
During the install, answer "Yes" when asked if you want to install a desktop shortcut. Once the game is installed, add " 3DFX" to the end of the command line of the desktop shortcut (or the Start Menu shortcut). e.g. Right click on the desktop shortcut icon to bring up its properties. In the 'Shortcut' tab, in the 'Target' edit box, you should see (assuming you installed to the default directory, if not adjust instructions accordingly):

"C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA Live 98\nbawin.exe".

After adding the "3DFX", the 'Target' box should read (including the quotes):
"C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA Live 98\nbawin.exe" 3DFX

Need For Speed II SE
These instructions assume that you have installed NFS II SE to the default directory (if this is not the case, adjust instructions accordingly). During the install, answer "Yes" when asked if you want to install a desktop shortcut. Once the game is installed, open the Windows Explorer and view the contents of the NFS II SE CD-ROM. In the root directory, you will see a file called nfs2ea.exe. Copy this file from the CD-ROM to the install directory (the default directory is C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed II SE). Next make a copy of the desktop shortcut. To do this, right click on the NFS II SE desktop icon and drag it to another spot on the desktop. When you let go of the right mouse button, you should get a pop-up menu with the options "Move Here, Copy Here, Create Shortcut(s) Here and Cancel". Choose "Copy Here". You should have another desktop icon called "Copy of NFSIISE". Right click on this new icon to bring up its properties. In the 'Shortcut' tab, in the 'Target' edit box, you should see:

"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed II\nfs2sen.exe"
Change it to read:
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed II\nfs2sea.exe"

Also, you may rename the icon from "Copy of NFSIISE" to "NFSIISE for 3Dfx"

NHL 98
Once the game is installed, check to make sure that the "3D Acceleration" option in the "Options" menu is set to "On".

Nuclear Strike
Gold drivers needed. Looks like its running at a much higher resolution automatically. NOTE: You may also need the latest patch as well, which addresses the voodoo2 problems. nsp_3.exe (368 kb).

Outlaws - (taken from newsgroup) "Outlaws will work. Version 1.0 doesn't have Glide support, so you need Version 1.1. Version 1.1 will not work because it's using Glide 2.41 (looking for LECGLIDE.DLL so it won't use Glide 2.5). You also need to download the missions (5.4 MB patch, Version 2.0). This will give you the option to use Glide 2.43 in the troubleshooting/video options screen and will work just fine with the V2's."

Download Voodoo2 patch. (231 kb).

For complete details, visit and (Simon Knight)

Red Baron 2
3d patch now available. rb2_3d.exe (8.3 MB).

Robo Rumble
Use Direct 3D Mode.

Roland Garros 98
Patch now available at (Mario Reggimenti)

Screamer Rally/2
"Remember to use the patch that has a file called S2.exe included with an auto- extractable file, do not use a file called Sc_23dfx.exe, because this last one crashes right away (the same problem with Screamer Rally old patch), and to use the batch-file." (Franciscus Tolhuizen)

Sega Tour Car Championship
Download Direct 3D patch. patchefg.exe (497 kb).

Shadows Of The Empire
FIX: Download Latest Patch, and be sure to run new SHADOWS.EXE file, not SOTE.EXE. shadowsp.exe (1.8 MB).

Speed Rally
Voodoo2 patch now available.

Streets of Sim City
Remove glide2x.dll and fxmemmap.vxd from game directory.

Tex Murphy
Overseer - Download D3D patch. "Note: the mouse cursor is disappearing. Access said that they will find out what's wrong." - (Sly Golovanov)

Test Drive 4
" the patch of Accolade's web site. The patch said that it makes the game work with Voodoo Rush but it also works with the Voodoo2."

...from Shawn Leaf of N-Space... "Get the 1.31 patch at ....Since the V2 has so much horsepower, make sure you give the anti-aliasing a try. You can toggle it from the main menu or the pause menu by typing n[space bar]aa. You should get a confirmation beep and an on/off message."

Triple Play 99
Download patch to fix sound problems with voodoo2. EA Sports website. (Rich Laporte) tp99pat.exe (872 kb).

Twisted Metal 2
"Download latest patch, select v2 dx5 driver...Plays fine at 800x600." (Brian Troha) tm2setup.exe (1.9 MB).

FIX: Simply download and install the latest patch. uppatch105.exe (1.8 MB).

Wing Commander Prophecy
Patch available at ...Install game, run patch, REBOOT, then run game. (54 kb).

Worldwide Soccer
with D3D patch - Now reported to work.

X-Wing Versus Tie fighter
Newest direct3d patch from Lucasarts seems to work. xvt_3dfx.exe (1.5 MB).


The following games have been tested with, or were reported to work with, the special "SST" settings, which limit the voodoo2 to make it act as an older voodoo card. To do so, Basically create a batchfile, (example: Oldglide.bat) and edit these lines in it:

set SST_FT_CLK_DEL=0x4
set SST_TF0_CLK_DEL=0x6
set SST_TF1_CLK_DEL=0x6

When you want to play these old glide games, run the batchfile, then run the game normally. A fellow Voodoo2er named "Sergey" pointed out the "out of environment space" problem people may have when attemping to use this batchfile. Rather than trying to reiterate what he said, i'll steal his words directly:

"Running out of environment space when setting these variable? If that happens, some of them won't be set. Use my directions below to create a shortcut to the batch file with increased environment space or put them in your autoexec.bat file and increase the environment space for it if needed. To use the variables in your C:\autoexec.bat file: Put the variables in your C:\autoexec.bat file. Add the line (minus quotes) to your C:\config.sys file: "shell=c:\ /e:nnnnn" where nnnnn is a number from 160-32768. If this line is not in C:\config.sys, the default value of 256 bytes is used. If nnnnn is less than 160 or greater than 32768, the default value of 256 bytes will again be used. Example in your C:\config.sys file (again minus the quotes): "shell=c:\ /e:512" allocates 512 bytes of memory to environment space. Use the comaptibility variables in a batch file written for the particular game you want to run. To make a batch file from win95, Explore over to your game's folder, right-click on the contents of the folder, select "new", then "text document" and rename the file to somthing like "game.bat". Click "yes" on the dialog box that pops up. Then right-click on the file you just made and "edit" it. Enter the set commands that you need (see the example below) and save the file. To find out if you run out of environment space (which -may- happen and some of the "set" commands won't be registered) temporarily remove the "rem" before the pause. This will pause the batch file at a point where you can read any error messages, just before the program is executed. If you run out of environment space, an error message "out of environment space" will be displayed. If you get this message, you'll have toincrease the allocated environment space for the batch file. To do this, right-click on the batch file, select "create shortcut", right-click on the shortcut and select "properties". Then under the "memory" tab, change the "initial environment" from "auto", to say "512". Experiment with this number and when you find the lowest one that allows the batch file to run without the "out of environment space" error, go ahead and stick with that one. If you add more set commands, you may need to increase the number. Click "ok" to save your changes and double-click on the shortcut to run the game."



Battle Arena Toshinden
Reported to work.

EF2000 2.0
Most report no problems after using batchfile.

Mechwarrior2 3dfx edition
"In addition to the bat file, you need to copy the Glide divers from the Voodoo1 (Glide.dll and Sst1init.dll) to the Mech2 dir. Everything should work fine."

Tomb Raider/Tomb Raider
Unfinished Business - works with latest glide patch and the preceding SST batchfile. Here's a more detailed one:

Cut 'n paste...(Game loader for Voodoo 2 based 3D Cards, by Stephen Moore)
set SST_FT_CLK_DEL=0x4
set SST_TF0_CLK_DEL=0x6
set SST_TF1_CLK_DEL=0x6

Reported to work by some, problems for others.

X Car
Works fine.

- - - - - - - - - GAMES THAT DO NOT WORK - - - - - - - - -

(AKA "The Shit List")

Dreams to Reality @ 640x480, D+
Space Girl Demo @ 1024x768, D+

Dreams to Reality
Many people report problems.

Space Girl Demo
Locks up entire system after a few seconds.

Please send all fixes you have discovered or know about and I will try them out, if possible, and i'll add them to this list. Thanks in advance for any and all input. - and please do not send me any files!

Please e-mail me if you carry this faq and i'll add your site to this list...

If you have a 3DFX related address book, please forward copies of this FAQ.

THE GARBAGE BIN (new games to avoid)

1. Test Drive Off Road 2
2. Space Bunnies Must Die
3. Trespasser
4. Barrage
5. Vigilance
6. Dead Reckoning
7. Anything put out by I-Magic (king of unfinished, unpolished, bug-filled dreck!)